December 2004

The delinquency of Oneida knows no bounds, particularly when it comes to our web site, I guess. I can’t believe how long I’ve neglected the critical task of trumpeting the news of our latest accomplishments. And failures – mostly failures, of course. Let’s try to catch up, shall we?

The big news right now: we’ve got a new record out. It’s called "Nice. / Splittin Peaches," and it’s just been released on Ace Fu Records (Be warned, if you go to the Ace Fu site, most of the Oneida links actually take you to info about a band called Aqui. I don’t know, but that strikes me as a perfect Oneida moment…) 

Anyway, this record is four songs, about 25 minutes, and it’s something we’re super proud of  -- I can confidently promise it doesn’t sound like anything else we’ve done.  If you want to buy it, you poor misguided soul, Insound is probably the best place. They’re pretty decent, right?

So, "Nice. / Splittin Peaches" is strange, no doubt -- but when "The Wedding" -- or, as I'm calling it in tribute to our betters, "The W" -- comes out in May, that’s when the walls come down, the masks come off, and you all realize that all along Oneida’s been playing you. Yeah, that’s right, we’re almost done with the record that’s taken us somewhere in the neighborhood of three years to make. We’re spending December recording all the string sections, and then it should be just about done. Tremble, humans, tremble. This record will DISGUST YOU. That’s all I can say right now, but when it’s done, I will come back to this space, and I will gloat, motherfuckers. Do you hear me? GLOAT! I will spew hubris the likes of which the world wide web has never seen! Until then, however, patience and humility….stay the course….

Let’s drop the pomposity for a second – ah, that’s better – and deliver some less than thrilling news. The dozen of you in the world who actually care what Oneida’s doing with our idle hours might recall that we busted our collective ass writing and recording the soundtrack to a documentary called Speedo: A Demolition Derby Love Story, directed by Jesse Moss.  Well, despite our toil and tears, only a small fragment of our music made it into the film; much of our badass weirdo music was replaced by….I guess the charitable phrase would be "soundtrack music." Nonetheless, and despite our disappointment with the situation, I think it’s got to be said, or better, pronounced from on high: This Movie Is Fucking Great. Yeah, of course it would be better with Oneida music. As would Biker Boyz II – no shit. It’s still a tremendous film, and you can rent or buy it on DVD right now. Four stars from Fat Bobby. We’ll probably use the music we made to soundtrack our own zombie movie at some point. Oh, that reminds me – anybody have a video camera I can borrow for a year or so?

On to other things…what’s that you ask? When is Oneida touring again? Well, how sweet of you to inquire!  It looks like we’ll be winging our way out to the west coast in March for a quick week of shows along that benighted stretch of America’s interstate system. We’ll probably hit Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, Eugene, San Francisco, and LA – but check back next month for definite tour dates. While we’re out there, we plan on recording a bunch of Grateful Dead covers in San Francisco – just cause that’s what Oneida DOES, you understand? You probably think I’m kidding, but that’s your loss, tough nuts.

Of course, when "The Wedding" is released in May, we’ll get on our bikes and ride, as they say. Current plans include a jaunt to the old country in May and June, probably through Italy, Germany, Netherlands, and the UK at the very least; and a pleasure cruise around North America in July and August. Again, check back with us in a while, once we have our shit slightly more together. Drop us a line, invite us your way – we’ll come eat your food and I’ll use your boyfriend’s towel!

Let’s see – is there anything else I feel like announcing to the masses? After all, there’s nobody here to shut me up. Umm, the soundtrack to me writing this news was Peter Walker’s Rainy Day Raga – that’s a fine, fine record, even for a sunny December morning. I guess that pretty much does it – be as good as you can, and drop us a line email if you’re bored.

-Fat Bobby

September 2003

Well, as usual it’s been forever since I updated the news. I guess that’s what separates this site from a blog thingy. You’ll have to read Kid’s new Europe tour reports for that experience, heh heh.

We had a seriously hectic summer, in which we accomplished much: we finished the SECRET WARS album, which will be released in January on Jagjaguwar in the US, on ThreeGut in Canada, and on Rough Trade in Europe and the UK. This was originally supposed to be an EP for Ace Fu Records, but we realized as we worked on it that it needed to be an album. Room to breathe, you know? Huge thanks to Eric Speck at Ace Fu for understanding that – we’ll get to do that EP for sure.

Secret Wars includes the song “Caesar’s Column”, which features Kayrock on Balinese gongs. Rough Trade asked us to do an advance 12” single of this song and some remixes; we said okay, and asked a bunch of our friends to fuck around with the song. The results are pretty mind-boggling. Our friends are a wickedly talented bunch of drug users – sorry, I mean musicians. There’s a mix by Chancers (which is the Manley brothers and Limosine Unlimited – Trans Am nogoodniks), one by Liars, one by Barry London and Brad Truax, and yeah, we put together a remix along with Nicolas Vernhes, who recorded the original song. We all wore white pants and drank red wine. It helped.

MORE: the Speedo soundtrack is finally done! We’re thinking the music we made is kind of like the Pink Flag of classic cock-rock, if that makes any sense to you. No, it doesn’t; let’s move on.

Oh, and still more: Rocket Recordings, a frighteningly cool label in the UK, has issued ANTHEM OF THE MOON (the album) on beautiful silver vinyl. This is the first time this record has been on LP, and it’s an amazing sight to see. It also sounds lovely. I do believe you can buy it from them if you so desire.

Let’s talk about the future, shall we? Yes, let’s. We’re taking a little break right now, and in a few weeks we’ll start getting ready for a short fall tour that will take us through the midwest and the south. We desperately want to get back to Memphis and Atlanta (if you want to know why, read Kid’s tour reports from February) and thought we might as well make little journey of it. We’re thinking about Cleveland Chicago, Detroit, a few other places – we’ll post dates when they’re real.

In the meantime, Kid and I are reprising our February stint as People of the North – a drums/woodie duo – it’s unnaturally stern, and I suggest if you’re in New York you come see a show. Got to keep busy, you know? Oh yeah, you can check this shit out if you’re in Toronto, too; we’ll be up there to play one show with our friends the Constantines – I understand it’s their record release party. Good record, too, but this site is about ONEIDA, dammit.

So that seems to be most of what’s going on, or at least most of what I’m willing to talk about in a public forum. If you feel like it, you can email anyone in Oneida – or, as always, call us in the middle of the night.

- Fat Bobby

January 2003

Okay, hmmm. New year, many things going on, and as usual, Oneida is scrambling to keep it all together. We spent some time on the road this fall (see Kid Millions' Tour Reports), mostly fighting to stay warm and keep our van moving. Sometimes we were victorious, sometimes not. Our new EP with the Liars, ATHEISTS, RECONSIDER, came out on Arena Rock Records, and I'm pretty goddamn happy about that. It actually does sound like the weird little explosions that go off in my head when I'm trying to listen attentively to all the nice people tell me their names. For the record, that's why I can't remember your name - it's the explosions. Here's why I can't remember your face.

But I'm losing my focus….we also got to play some tremendous shows this past fall here in the Bkny, including one with Mudhoney in December. You gotta understand, I've loved Mudhoney for so long. I mean, I grew my hair long in ninth grade because of Mark Arm, and it was fucking long, my friend. Ask anyone who knew me during the subsequent five years in which I was untouched by scissors…

Anyway, the weather's cold as hell, and I'm thinking that my next haircut won't be coming until the leaves are green again. Damn those hirsute Seattle brutes and their tempting savageries! Next thing you know, I'll be smoking pot and drinking High Life. Me -- a respectable office temp! I know, seems impossible, but funny things are afoot.

Speaking of which, Oneida's doing some weird shit in the next couple months:

First off, we're gonna be recording a 5-song EP for Ace Fu Records, and we're doing at a studio here in Brooklyn called Rare Book Room. This will be the first recording we've ever made that we didn't do ourselves or with the able assistance of Peter Katis at Tarquin Studios. But see, 'tis the season to have a fucking day job that you can't get away from except to tour, so we want to try something in town. We've heard nothing but great things about Rare Book Room, and about Nicholas the resident wizard, and so after a lovely meeting with all concerned parties, we're on for the studio. Now I'm gonna have to start calling headphones "cans", or something, I bet. Maybe we can "lay down some tracks."

The other major new thing going on is our upcoming tour -- the whole first week is me and Kid Millions playing shows as a duo, because Jane is scheduled to take a course from the Learning Annex that week in, I think, jazz theory and the history of fusion. (ow, stop hitting me, you fucker.) Seriously, the duo of Kid Millions and Fat Bobby will be hitting a few of the nations snow-caked metropoles without Baby Jane, and we're currently working on some ideas for those shows. Should be hilarious and menacing in equal parts, but we'll see. Expect nothing but love. Loud love. We spent awhile just last night drinking and listening to the Free album "Highway", and we'll be bringing that fucking wisdom to town with us. Oh, and we're trying to figure out what to call ourselves for those shows, too. If you have ideas, email them to us.

Ed. It's been decided that Kid and Bobby are touring as People of the North; see the Shows page for dates. But email the freaks, anyway, with band names, recipes, predictions, and rants.

So Jane will be flying out to Seattle to meet us (rock star bitch!), at which point Oneida as a whole, vicious unit will descend down the West Coast for the first time in four years. Should be a blowout - I just hope those golden layabouts can handle our skills, because I'm not gonna sit still for any lazy California bullshit. Oneida is angry hippies, goddammit, and we'll show you how to bruise fruit.

When we get back from tour in March, we'll finish "The Wedding" -- the album that should redefine the essence of love in Western culture. It oughta come out on Jagjaguwar in September. It's a back-to-school kind of love.

Oh yeah, and remember one last thing: the joke's always on the other guy.

Yours truly,
Fat Bobby


September 2002

Oneida has emerged once again after a pleasant hiatus, and we'll be causing trouble for you and yours throughout the lovely autumn season.

First item of business -- we've got some shows coming up, you ought to come on down, or over, to do loud things like dance or get high with us. We're playing with Greg Oblivian; we're doing a landmine benefit in partnership with "Get Your War On"; we're anchoring a Jagjaguwar label showcase at CMJ; we're really quite the gentlemen-about-town, and you'd do well to be seen with us. We'll be headed out on tour to Canada and the northern US in November; dates to come soon.

In addition, as of Oct 1, EACH ONE TEACH ONE will be reissued on CD -- we're proud to
note that it's finally available to the digitally-oriented masses, and it's a cheap-ass double CD. No complaints.

Oh, in case we weren't putting out records fast enough for you, you jaded fucker, please bow down, give it up, and accept that the Arena Rock Recording Co. is releasing a holy-shit-this-is-blowingminds split EP from Oneida and Liars, together. Titled ATHEISTS, RECONSIDER and coming out later in the fall, it is Brooklyn in a bottle. A bottle of liquid acid, yeah, that's right, hippies, come and get it. HAHAHAHAHA. This release will probably eat through the wires on your hifi unit. Make sure you buy the Quadrophonic version if you can find it.

Still working on THE WEDDING and the SPEEDO soundtrack -- look for both in 2003, along with (we hope) a split 7" single with our Northern brethren, the Constantines.

Please, please, email us, or call late at night with cryptic messages. We're all in the phone book, and we love hearing from creepy strangers at all hours. Well, Kid does -- call him. In the meantime, email us at, with tales of your strangest desires -- or PDFs of your strangest prescriptions.

Fat Bobby

June 2002

Oops - we've been a little lax on the news front - sorry. Well, Kid's tour reports from our May exploits should be up by now, and I know he's got a lot to tell, so I'll steer clear of that, other than to say it was a whole hell of a lot of fun. You can read all about it here.

In other news, we're headed up to Boston on Saturday, June 22 to play the Middle East, so if you're up there, you oughta come make party party party with us. And then that'll pretty much do it for shows this summer - we're about to start busting our asses on our multifarious recording projects - Speedo, The Wedding album, a split single with the Constantines for Three Gut Records, and a few other juicy items that we've gotta confirm before we start blabbing away. Rest assured, we'll be continuing the ludicrous deluge of Oneida recordings. As I've been saying, you gotta do it while you're good at it, or you end up with jack shit. Yeah, I'm a poetic dude.

Since I'm mouthing off, I think I should take this opportunity to tell you all something seriously important: nothing - I mean NOTHING - kicks more ass in the early morning than a cup of black coffee and some ZZ Top dance remixes played loud. Particularly the 2800 Miles Remix of "Give It Up" from Recycler. Just give it a shot (if you can get ahold of the 12" - if not, try the title cut from Rhythmeen). To those benighted fools among you who believe that ZZ Top were done after Deguello - blow me. They didn't even get started till Eliminator, and I'll fight you over it if you want.

Anyway, 88s to all the gentle souls and fools who made the last couple tours so fucking great - I'll see you next as a married man.

-Fat Bobby

January 2002

Hi everybody -- Fat Bobby here with some news, and it's real.

As some of you may have heard, PCRZ (aka Papa Crazee, aka the Beatles, aka Amoral Dwarf) has left Oneida to pursue his hillbilly dreams full time. He's devoting himself wholeheartedly to his country music, and although we're disappointed, and we'll miss what he brought to Oneida, we wish him nothing but success.

As far as what's happening for Oneida now, we're well into writing a whole mess of new songs, some of which happen to feature a drum machine playing every 16th-note available, totally unsyncopated. We're trying to create a new genre called "one-step" -- we expect it to blow up big time, and get us on the cover of The Wire.

Release news: the "Anthem of the Moon" split single is just about out, and I'm sure if you email Jagjaguwar through their website (, you can order a copy right now. Street date be damned. Both songs are great, slow, and sweet, and aren't available anywhere. You are urged to participate in our grand capitalist experiment.

Also on the slate: the EACH ONE TEACH ONE double LP is on its way to the plant, and is slated for release on April 2. Again, though, we may very well have copies ahead of time, so if you're Mr. or Ms. Gotta-have-it-before-everyone-else, I'd try emailing us in a couple weeks. We'll hook you up, you elitist vinyl-fetishizing alcoholic.

I'm sorry about the name-calling; it's the football season getting to me.

If you're a New Yorker, come see us rock the Local Bar in Williamsburg on Saturday Feb 16th with the Microwaves and 25 Suaves -- our first show in four months! (Local is on the corner of Kent Ave and S 5th St.) If you're elsewhere in North America, hopefully we're coming your way on our March tour, or perhaps in May. If you're in Europe, why don't you put your money where your computer keyboard is, and fly us out to your fine continent to rock. We'd love to see you…

Anyway, be good and be well.



November 2001

Hey -- we're home! First off, thanks to everyone who rocked out, fed us, put up with us, and otherwise helped us out on the fall tour. That includes providing me with badly- and frequently-needed painkillers. If you're interested in hearing the lurid true-crime tales of the road, make sure you read the compendium of Tour Updates, provided on the fly by the one and only Man Forever.

PCRZ, ever the hardy warrior, is back out on the road already with Crazee and Heaven, storming the mother-of-pearly gates of Nashville -- in the meantime, the rest of us are holding down the homefront, getting a jump on turning a few molehills into HUGE ONEIDA MOUNTAINS OF ROCK.

Seriously, we got some things going on:

We're plunging into recording a host of new projects, including some dance 12"es, new baroque-pop vision "The Wedding Album", a split 7" with our Northern friends the Constantines (tentative, for Three Gut Records, and of course the score for the demolition derby documentary "Speedo". Seriously, this is all happening right now, as you read this -- we can't stop making music, not if we're gonna beat James Brown's legendary late-sixties four-album annual pace. Dammit, even as I type, we're running out of time!

As far as things that are done -- well, don't accuse Oneida of slackin'. ANTHEM OF THE MOON was released in mid-September, and you should get yourself a copy. I'll only note that Mike Bonello, filmmaker, educator and rocker of the first class, called it "the first druid-rock record of the millennium", we call it "maximum D&D", and if you need anything more, well then maybe you shouldn't buy it. No funny time signatures, though, don't worry.

In addition, I personally approved test-pressings of the lllooonng-awaited (by its protagonists) Oneida/Brother JT split 7" single, curiously entitled "Anthem of the Moon". JT, never a slow wit (especially not when it comes to the rock), contributes "Child of the Sun" on the B-side-- a sophisticated classic-rock joke in the form of a truly gorgeous fuzzed-out pop song. Neither song is available anywhere else, and it should be out by December. But don't worry, we'll let you know.

Which brings us to EACH ONE TEACH ONE. What can I say -- the double LP of our lives. Plenty of drum machines, smashed reverb tanks, and epileptica. Features "Sheets of Easter", the focal point of our Fall tour. If you saw the shows, you know what I'm talkin about. Now mastered, ready to be served up in Crosshair's hand-screened multicolor madness, hopefully as soon as February. We'll see. But seriously, the music's all done...

Listen, whether you got love, questions or beefs, email us: We like to argue and pontificate. At least, god knows I do.


Fat Bobby

September 2001

Oneida, greater than the Phoenix, achieves repeated rebirth without the necessity of death or all consuming fire. The multi-sexed rock motherman births the noise-child from its urethra lubed with the fire cum stolen from the death of the Phoenix. This month, Le Shiv helps birth the next Oneida, sloughing the title Baby Jane and spreading the wings of caged terror. Together. Reborn. We rend the magnetic coif from the postcoital studio and delicately prance onto the live stage to play one note, one beat and sing one word for the next three months of live performance. Each One Teach One. Again, it is our turn to teach.

I have heard people talking in the subways and on the streets. My mailbox has been flooded with so many letters that I cannot find last week’s unemployment check. The questions: “Does Oneida remember how to play live?” “Have they forgotten the eyes of the audience?” “Do they still know where sound goes in a beer covered, audience filled room?” We answered you with our Brownie’s show on August 24th. We reminded the Mid-Atlantic region of our presence during a short, week long tour at the end of August. The Metro in D.C. asked us, “Can you turn down?” “NO,” we replied, “but we can turn up.” Andy’s in Chestertown, Maryland asked us, “Can you play quietly?” “NO,” we replied, “but we can play hippie.” And the hippie girls danced.

-- We must interrupt this reverie with a pointed thanks to Will Dyer (Crazee & Heaven) and Sam Pace (The Johnsons and Dirty Faces for filling in for an ill Kid Millions during his time of trouble. --

Now we turn to a larger tour starting in New York for the CMJ festival on Saturday, September 15th at Mighty Robot in Brooklyn and Sunday September 16th at The Knitting Factory in NYC, both with Acid Mother’s Temple from Japan. We will then play up to the Rockies and back over the course of the next month. Oneida returns to play only after a prolific summer of recording and individual indulgence. While our recent live split LP release STREET PEOPLE (w/25 Suaves on Bulb Records) documents a passed show, we turn to the road to promote our new full-length ANTHEM OF THE MOON (on JagJaguwar Records), a document of the experiences of our last year-and-a-half. The unborn psychedelic terror. The journey into the stones. The exploration of dead worlds. Distant horizons breaking through the waves. New eyes for a new mind. If you do not ask for it at our shows, you can buy it in stores after September 17th. Coupled with the upcoming double LP, EACH ONE TEACH ONE, we have accounted for our lost years.

We invite you to celebrate with us in person. We miss your dancing and your shouting and your excess. We miss our friends in NY and all over the continent. Starting August 24th, we began our search for our lost siblings. Next week our search continues. Help us find you by finding us. We look forward to seeing you. You cannot understand how lonely it can be without you.

See you soon,

Le Shiv

PS: Don your fur coats. The world seems cold when you are born out of fire. Sometimes you need to keep warm.

July 2001

Greetings from Fat Bobby. Inspirational thought: listen to Oneida when you go jogging. Oh wait, you don't go jogging.

Well then, the big news is that as of Friday the 13th, for the first time (in my memory), all four members of the Oneida family will be unemployed, living the full-time rock life. PCRZ, the last to go. That's important, for some reason. We consider it a pious bird of good omen, if I may quote obscure Fleetwood Mac album titles. And don't worry, the good folks at JP Morgan Chase Securites will help make sure that rent gets paid...

Music-related stuff: We've actually got copies of ANTHEM OF THE MOON (coming out September 17 on Jagjaguwar) in hand, and it doesn't appear to be fucked up in any significant way - the universe breathes a sigh of relief. We'll be doing a whole mess of shows in support of the record in August, Sept, and Oct - stay tuned for details.

On the more immediate show front, we're playing a couple of dates with (personal heroes) Guided by Voices: July 23rd at the Middle East in Cambridge MA, and July 24 at Toad's Place in New Haven CT. If you can make it, please scream and jump around in support of us, so all the indie-rock kids will want to buy our records. 'Cause, you know, we're not working anymore. We need the green.

Hey Oneida fans! Can't make it to these rockin' shows? Well, we've got a lovely solution for you - go buy the Oneida/25 Suaves SPLIT LIVE LP coming out on Bulb Records on my 21st birthday in early August - a smokin document of a party at the Bulb Clubhouse in Providence this past Spring. The title of the record is STREET PEOPLE, and it will rock house, home and automobile.

Final thing in our lives: we're headed for the graceful, elegant old-world charm of Tarquin Studios once again, in mid-July, to finish the righteous masterpiece we're calling EACH ONE TEACH ONE. This is gonna be limited edition, massive double LP, hand-screened packaging, the whole fuckin thing - the final word in rock psychosis. Should come out early next year, distributed by Jagjaguwar.

June 2001

Hey All -

Crazee here with some more developments from Oneida nation (a very small place). We just came back from a rollicking one night stand in Englandland and have many battle scars, tales of woe and pleasant memories to show for the excursion. For my money (which doesn't add up to shit in Pounds Sterling), England is a pretty backward nation with a provincial thumb up its own arse.

The food is appallingly bad and for a band that values gorging on Southern food as our #1 tour vice, and is trying to pack on the pounds for our upcoming Guess Who-esque fat phase (which John Popper has inspiringly turned his back on by shedding all that weight - Congrats John!), that is a real turn-off. The pubs all closed just as we were coming in and nobody - nobody - likes a beard over there. [Please reference the following actual quote by an English poster excerpted from an At The Drive In message board about us: "Oneida were absolutely fucking brilliant, had a great night. Scary facial hair though. 5 inch long sideburns with no beard in between. weurgh." Don't ask what we were doing in an At the Drive In chat room]

There were some nice moments, however. Two that stand out are Carol Clerk, a writer who has written for NME since 1967 (and now writes for Uncut) and has seen both John Bonham and Keith Moon in their prime telling Kid Millions that he's the best drummer she has ever seen. Kid represented on the Keith Moon tip by vomiting on stage after a couple of songs - but that's another story (let's just keep him away from all Bentleys and moats before he takes the comparison too seriously).

The second nicety was a young lad named Eric with a rad zine called The Evil Powers of Rock n Roll playing Oneida riffs note for note to me backstage on my own guitar pre-show. Boy, did I feel like an idiot fucking them up on stage right in front of him 10 minutes later (and then accidentally crowning him with my guitar - sorry dude - my bad).

But before I get ahead of myself, I've organized all my feelings about Great Britain into the two following easily digestible lists. First the shite, then the brill….

Ten Insufferable Bummers About Great Britain

1. Dave Thomas of Pere Ubu fame presenting an experimental musical theatre piece at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, 6/26/01. One of the supreme bummers of my life.

2. All English bands with band names that are also boy first names (i.e., Travis, James, Gomez) - what the fuck? Oh I know, Nigel, let's just call the band Travis - tee hee - it would be wickedly clever. NO it wouldn't. It would just suck. Worse than Blur (and they TOTALLY suck).

3. McDonald's attempt to appeal to the English appetite for Indian cuisine, i.e., the new McLamb Rogan Josh. Any takers?

4. Gatwick Airport. No water, no food. For miles.

5. Idiot critics who claim Hendrix was English.

6. Bleedin' thickies (see 2, 5, or 7).

7. Lads.

8. Pubs close at 11:00. The tube closes at 12:00. You'll be stuck in a neighborhood far away from home very early in the night, not drunk. It's just like Boston. Only bigger.

9. Customs.

10. Everybody likes the Strokes - nobody likes the Oneida. What the fuck?!

Ten Great Triumphs of Great Britain

1. Motorhead at the Forum, 6/23/01 - Particularly two silver-haired blind old women who kept saying "That was bloody fantastic" to each other after each song.

2. As an addendum to #2, English metalheads rule.

3. Chips (with Malt Vinegar!).

4. Virgin airlines outbound (ignoring all the implications of "Upper Class").

5. Led Zeppelin (although if England gets to claim Hendrix, we get Zeppelin).

6. The song "Billericay Dickie" by Ian Dury.

7. Birds.

8. Legal public drinking. Anywhere.

9. BBC cartoons.

10. The Incredible String Band (pre-Scientology).

That about does it besides a trip to Westminster abbey, a really fun Led Zeppelin dance party at Ray's house in Stoke Newington and some great Spice Girls gossip courtesy of Stephen Anderson (which I'm not sharing here).

Oh, and there was a ubiquitous bat baby looking freak in ads all across London for a musical called "My Gaff! My Rules!", which simultaneously scared (musical theatre) and titillated (drunken bat baby) me. Couldn't decide which list to put him on.

In stateside news we got the motors running on a split live release with Providence's smoking Motorheady party band 25 Suaves and Oneida to be released on the hugely cool Bulb records, home of such luminaries as the aforementioned Suaves, Andrew W.K., Quintron, and my personal fave Mikey Wild. If you haven't heard the latter's song "I Hate NY" and live in this city - you are totally fucked. But the details on the Bulb release are hazy at the moment and can be clarified at a later date. Needless to say, we are off the charts excited to be working with the cool as hell Bulb people.

We are also nailing down the details for a big tour in September heading out to the Prairie, down to the Gulf and back again and again all in a month. Hope to see you.

That's about it for now. We're just gonna hunker down for the summer heat in the city - glad that we can go out at anytime of the night we choose, get wasted, and take the subway home.


May 2001

So -- welcome to the first edition of the Oneida news. Crazee's talkin' about the origins of the band's name can be found in Vice Magazine this month - he enlightened me when he said Oneida means "People of the Rock." Thank god for coincidence.

But seriously -- we've been holed up with our friend Shannon (thanks Shannon!) building flight crates for our woodies and guitars so we can take the shits to the UK for one show at The Garage in London. Ummm -- yeah its stupid, we feel it -- its going to be insane. We got a copy of TIME OUT LONDON and there's a couple of pale children on the cover and some full page ad for a play about a sun-starved pub owner on the back cover. He's got a keg slung over his shoulder and he's saying something about football, lager or hooligans. I can't remember.

But I can remember that we finished our new album called ANTHEM OF THE MOON -- not to be confused with the split 7" w/Brother JT we've got on deck comin' out in a month or so. There's a song we wrote called "Anthem of the Moon" that's not on the album of the same name. Its a song comparing life on the moon to life in OZ (not Australia or that prison, think parallel universe) -- you know black and white vs. color. And people going up to the moon to escape the madness of OZ. And there's some stuff about twins in there too because I wrote the lyrics when Johnny and Luther were tearing shit up in Thailand. I sing on the shit and tried to make the drumming sound like Jaki L. from Can but it ended up sounding like Bonham on "When the Levy Breaks." Can't be too mad about that though. Bro JT's song is called "Child of the Sun" and its a great one. We hope he's doing well and has fully recovered after being duped into using us as his backing band when he toured on WAY TO GO, his great 1999 Drag City album.

So yeah -- ANTHEM OF THE MOON the album is finished and its about psychedelic fear. Tracks called "Almagest" (look it up sucker), "Still Rememberin' Hidin' in the Stones," "The Wooded World," "Rose and Licorice" (can you guess who that's about? think Scientology's greatest victim), "Double Lock Your Mind" (written while our friend Heaven, Crazee and Jane were watching "Planet of the Apes" -- the classic one, dudes. Someone said "Double lock your mind" to the screen and Heaven said "Sounds like the next Oneida cut." Done.). There's more - lots of spirit caravanning and frozen awe type of stuff. The shit'll drop in late August and there's talk of an LP version as well -- but the fella that might do thinks its too long- so I guess we'll wait and see what he says.

And shit --we played the WFMU Record fair last week and Doug Mosurak played Crazee's creation "The Immigrant's Theme" for about 30 minutes straight. Its basically a couple of bars of "The Immigrant Song" from Zepplin 3 looped for 90 minutes. We have it edited down to about 72 minutes on a CDR that we play before our shows. Doug was talking about putting it out on a twelve inch - at least that's what he said at the time and we're gonna hold him to it. And along the lines of the Record Fair check out the WFMU message board ( for some postings about our performance. Turns out someone named "Noggin" thinks its really important for FMU to admit they made a mistake when they asked us to play the fair. Always gotta be a hater.

Come back for more installments -- we're gonna hit up new news every week or two if we can. Thanks to Aaron and Liz Schnore for making this happen.

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