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a. The Vera

Groningen, Holland—Photos by Mark Scheffer

b. The Onion Xmas Party, Northsix

Brooklyn, NY—Photos by Ruth Kaplan

c. Local

Brooklyn, NY—Photos by Liz Schnore

d. Northsix

Brooklyn, NY—Photos by Aaron F. Schnore

e. Oneida at GO! Studios

Chapel Hill, NC—Photos by Robin Conklin

f. Kid Millions Shaves His Beard

Brooklyn, NY—Photos by Le Shiv

g. Live in the WFMU Studio

Jersey City, NJ—Photos by Carolyn Morris

g. The Cooler

New York, NY—Photos by Liz Schnore

h. CBGBs

New York, NY—Photos by Liz Schnore

i. Warhol Museum

Pittsburgh, PA—Photos by Danny Barcelona