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Remember 2014? That was the year the O spent:

+Dropping FOUR ALBUMS worth of new material on four cassettes courtesy of Fat Bobby Brah Tapes. Heads: the vision ain’t tiny.

+Recording the THIRTEENTH Oneida album (This is Thirteen II—still gotta run that one by the guys).

+Blowin’ the Rhys Chatham/Oneida album for Northern Spy
+Layin’ the fourth People of the North album out on the stoop
+Playing North American dates for the first time in years!
+Embracing Europe in People of the North’s hard cuddle.
+Criss-Crossing/Shoulder-Standing/Jump-Jumping/Drumming out the ass as MAN FOREVER. Seriously heads need to ask yourselves—how do YOU spell bongo?

And we’re not yet into July folks. So many more albums to go!

Tour dates are up on the Shows page, and you can access ticket links here. We are super pumped to reconnect with our stateside brahs and sahs.